Statement of Purpose

I believe that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life, that he died to cover my sins and make atonement for my sick and depraved nature.  I am saved by the grace of God and reconciled to Him through faith in Jesus Christ alone.

I believe the Bible is 100% fact and can be verified with archaeology and historical facts.

I believe that, in the world, there is a fixed right and wrong.  Relativism is wrong.

I believe that the state of our institutions of governance is a reflection of our culture.  A dysfunctional culture leads to a dysfunctional government.  The state and condition of government is a ground-up proposition – not top down.

I believe that most Americans have lost their moral bearings, thereby eroding the foundational principles of this country – moral living for the individual translating into a government and civil society rooted in stabilizing Biblical principles.  There is no more stability because there is no desire among the people to live morally in accordance with the laws set forth by Jesus Christ.

I believe that every Christian and every rational human being should fight by all peaceful means to stop the oppressive shackles of immorality and earthly living from descending upon our society as a whole – even if we fail in doing so.  This means appealing to the hearts and minds of men on a one-on-one basis – not by electing leaders who we think will do that for us (although electing Godly leaders is critical).

I believe we live in a fallen world and, as such, our efforts are doomed to fail.

I believe that, even though our efforts to preserve human freedom in America are doomed, we are obligated to be agents of change in our culture nonetheless because we have a responsibility to our fellow man and to our Creator, the Lord Jesus Christ, to ensure man’s freedom, well-being and ability to choose for himself the way in which he lives his life.